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Art Kube

Arthur Kube January 09, 1935 – February 10, 2019

Art Kube died this morning – February 10, 2019
The Council of Senior Citizens' Organizations of BC – COSCO  acknowledges Art Kube's contributions and celebrates his service with and for seniors in the Province.
We have much to be thankful for!
Following his retirement in 1995, Art's volunteer work with seniors spanned almost 30 years! A remarkable record that included presidency of the New Vista Society, Seniors On Guard for Medicare and various executive positions culminating in his presidency of COSCO.
In all of Art did, he worked in collaboration with others, both in his own organization and other organizations. His capacity for seeing the larger context - the big picture was an essential  quality. 
Seniors housing, health care, transportation, pensions and advocacy were all issues of concern to Art and the object of his work. Principles of equality and fairness guided his work.
He was pivotal in helping to develop COSCO’s Health and Wellness Society, the organization that delivers workshops to/with seniors all over the province, free of charge.
In 2015 Art received the Order of Canada in recognition his many good works.

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